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Pursue excellence and integrity in work and client/contractor relationship.
Commit absolutely to maintaining the highest degree of honesty and ethical standards.
Recognize that the ultimate measure of organizational success in the degree of client satisfaction with the work product.
Provide the most efficient delivery of services through the creation and maintenance of multi disciplinary project teams designed around the client’s requirements.
Foster lasting business relationships between the client and Aeicorp, based on utmost respect for the individuals and empathy with client needs.
About Aeicorp
Gas based power generation clearly is the leading edge technology in the energy sector. As India's leader in the field Aeicorp's vision is to establish it on a wider scale, as a clean and cost efficient technology of choice, especially in the light of the country's reserve of natural gas, and rapidly growing need for the power to fuel industrial growth in the new liberated and global market environment.

Aeicorp has been instrumental in the first project for Waukesha Gas Engine in the fields of Natural gas Compression and Power Generation in India.

Aeicorp packaged the first ever Arrow Gas Engines in the field of Natural gas Compression and Power Generation in India.

Aeicorp supplied, installed and commissioned approx 100 Gas Engines in the fields of Engine driven CNG application in India.

Aeicorp designed, erected and commissioned the first gas engine based co-generation power plant in India at Ankleswar. Which was nominated as one of the Best Power Plants by the Disel and Gas Worldwide Catalogue in the year January 2004.

In that context it is the dedication of Aeicorp's experts and experienced personnel, their intense effort, teamwork and resourcefulness that set the company apart, that account for its success, and that will remain a core competitive strength. From that perspective, Aeicorp envisages consolidation of its market leadership in gas engines through steadily improved marketing, distribution and customer service- while extending its capabilities in design, operation and maintenance of power plants and compressor plants into market leadership position.

Aeicord plans initially to setup an independent enterprise dedicated to project work, services, commissioning and repair of all type of gas engines and engine driven equipment.

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